How It Works

The Coffee and Company service

We at Coffee and Company will provide you with the opportunity to meet interesting and attractive people; but more than that, we’ll help you make the most out of these opportunities and, more importantly, out of the regular (often ignored) opportunities that life naturally sends your way.

We will steer you in a positive direction, ensuring that you go out on dates with the right attitude and are emotionally and spiritually in the right place, and most of all, that you’re communicating this well to other people. This will in itself make you more attractive to the opposite gender and better able to take advantage of life’s many everyday opportunities.

We will help you clarify your relationship goals, and set you new concrete objectives to help you bring out the very best in yourself. We organise simple undaunting 'coffee dates' by way of introducing you to suitable matches, providing you with excellent opportunities to chat with attractive and interesting people and possibly meet someone special.

We look upon your Coffee and Company experience as a journey, guiding you to a place you deserve to be, an intimate loving relationship. We use our expertise, warmth and unrivalled reputation to get you there every step of the way.

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