We regularly receive positive feedback from clients. Below are just a few examples of the good things people are saying about Coffee & Company.

“I LOVE the personal diary ….....it helps to highlight to me what is going on in London as often the struggle is knowing what events and interesting things where I can meet the right people are going on …..It also keeps me on track to change the habits of a lifetime – great stuff!”
Britta – Kent

“Lorraine – no one else is doing anything like Coffee and Company. This is the problem with traditional dating services – sure you meet people but there’s not any support and they don’t CARE like you do. I know for a fact you personally want me to succeed. I’ve never gotten that feeling from anyone else connected with a dating service.”
Tina – London

“You have performed a nose job on my soul, to borrow a phrase from the film Clueless. If you hadn’t been there to explain where I was going wrong, I would be making the same mistakes and still acting defensive and scaring men away!”
Steffi – London

“Thanks very much for sending my PDE Lorraine – it is awesome! Really useful, it’s great. I really enjoyed reading it. You must have PhD in dating!!”
Patricia – Wimbledon

“This is the best £150 I have ever spent, at 41 I now realise for the first time where I have been going wrong!”
Mark – London

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