From fling to ring

LORRAINE ADAMS has become a leading dating and romance expert since launching her successful online dating and personal introductions business over nine years ago. Her forthright no nonsense common sense approach earned her ‘The Simon Cowell of dating’ tag, following her successful participation in the TV series ‘How to find a husband’ last year.

Over the last two years Lorraine has developed and perfected a step by step program for single women to embark upon to rapidly expand their chances of finding their Mr. Right – a husband!

The tough but totally energising and achievable approach has seen countless numbers of her clients find happy lasting relationships. Problems could stem from not meeting enough men, or not meeting the right ones, some women seem to attract men but always manage to rapidly see off potential boyfriends. The program reveals how to recognize, open and sustain romance opportunities, with practical
advice based on what Lorraine has discovered from running her dating business which matches some of the Uk’s most eligible singles.


  • What it takes to land a husband
  • Unhelpful patterns of behavior you may have fallen into.
  • Identify areas where you may be failing to make an impact
  • Show you the 10 step course of action you need to take to fast track on the road out of single-dom
  • Establish fresh disciplines in the relevant areas of your life, with the aim of recognising and opening more romance opportunities
  • Fine-tune small problems that may become obstructive in achieving your ultimate goal – a happy lasting relationship.

Many of us drift through our busy lives waiting for romantic opportunities to pop up randomly. We are at times more proactive with our search for the perfect relationship, and there are other times when we feel completely fatigued and disillusioned with the whole dating process. The aim of the seminar is to give you the tools to stay on track and embrace the secrets of relationship success and help you manage your expectations. Packed with practical help and advice as well as a stay on track strategy this is a ‘must attend’ if you want to find Mr. Right sooner rather than later.

COST | £35

DATE | -

VENUE | Chelsea (Five minutes from Fulham Broadway Tube)

TIME | 12:00pm - 2:30pm

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Lorraine is also available to undertake one to one evaluations priced at £150 (1 hour sessions)
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