Personal Dating Evaluation (PDE)

The first step to finding your route out of singledom via our unique service is to book in for a Personal Dating Evaluation. The PDE was developed by TV’s dating and romance expert Lorraine Adams to ensure a much swifter route to romantic happiness.

Starting with a face to face consultation

During your in-depth one-to-one consultation we will go through your relationship history and pinpoint any unhelpful patterns of behaviour you may have fallen into. Nobody wants to keep making the same mistakes so the evaluation is brutally honest. We can identify any areas where you may be failing to make an impact and we will strive to bring out the best in you. We can also help fine-tune small problems that may become obstructive in achieving your ultimate goal – a happy lasting relationship.

Changing your life!

A plan is devised and a course of action is laid out. We establish fresh disciplines in the relevant areas of your life, with the aim of recognising and opening more romantic opportunities. This is laid out in your own personal online diary which will be created, updated and managed by our team.

Our support to help you stay on track

Many of us drift through our busy lives waiting for romance to pop up randomly. We are sometimes more proactive with our search for the perfect relationship, and there are other times when we feel completely fatigued and disillusioned with the whole dating process. The aim of the PDE is to help you manage your expectations, stay on track and embrace the secrets of relationship success.

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